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January/2024 DIGITAL issue

Jan2024 Issue Mockup

Unveiling our premier January 2024 Issue, a semi-annual digital publication showcasing a comprehensive look at ENIGMA's new collaborations with brands across food and beverage, fashion, technology, and immersive experiences.

We believe that our work defines us, so we have poured a tremendous effort into polishing how our collaborations are presented. 

Every project serves as a testament to our unwavering dedication to the three core pillars that define our ethos.

Forging the timeless. 

Cultivating curiosity.

Driven by resilience.


Our projects across food and beverage exuded a unique vibrancy, infusing a unique brightness into each endeavor.


Creating A Vibrant Universe For Helios, The Juice Brand Inspired By The Hues Of The Sun, Tailored For Ages 18-34

Radiant • Healthy Lifestyle • Rejuvinating

ENIGMA manifested a brand name and visual identity that emulated the Sun’s brilliance and vitality, aiming to create a product that would shine brightly in a competitive market, much like that of the Sun itself.


Inside Creating A Comprehensive Brand Design For Nu Chocolates, A Smart Chocolate Brand

Energizing • Lifestyle • Smart

Nu Chocolates transforms everyday indulgences into guilt-free, delicious, and effortless experiences. Explore how ENIGMA built the vibrant Universe for Nu.


Building The Immersive Concept For A Retro-Chic Luxury Cafe, Where Every Detail Transports You To A Bygone Era Of Sophistication

Stylish • Classic • Feminine

New luxury coffee destination Haute Café boasts a unique blend of retro-chic and French-inspired ambiance. ENIGMA designed a visual identity with a stylish appearance, paying homage to its nostalgic and high-fashion aesthetic.


Our fashion projects spanned a diverse spectrum of bold and robust attitudes, encapsulating a wide range of expressive and powerful design elements. 

Aston martin DC and Agency Enigma

Intensity Driven In Style With Aston Martin DC And New Luxury Fashion Brand Villain Highlighting Synergies Between Both Brands

Intense • Bold • Unapologetic

ENIGMA spearheaded the creative direction and execution of an editorial campaign tailored for Aston Martin DC and a globally-focused fashion label, capturing the intricacies of both brands and striking a delicate balance between their bold identities.

Villain Billboard

Fashion’s Dark Love Affair: Villain Brand Identity Crafted By ENIGMA Inspired By Film And Pop Culture And Challenging Gender Categories

Noir • Seductive • Boundary Pushing

The collection l is an exploration of duality – in how light cannot exist without dark, in the collision of masculinity and femininity, in the mirror image of who we are and who we can become. Explore the Villain Universe crafted by ENIGMA. 


Harnessing the intelligence of tech with a user-centric approach at the core of stunning design.

Telos style agency enigma

Fabricating The Brand Design For TELOS Style To Emulate Sophistication At The Intersection Of Fashion And Technology

Elegant • Sleek • Polished

In the journey from concept to execution, ENIGMA meticulously orchestrated the full branding for TELOS Style, transcending the ordinary and culminating in the epitome of sophistication and tailored craftsmanship. 


Creating unique events that bring brand stories to life.

Maddox Gallery London Agency Enigma

Celebrating The Trifecta Of Art, Racing, And Luxury Fashion: A Bespoke And Immersive Experience In Collaboration With The Maddox Gallery And Dawson Racing

Curated • Tasteful • Exclusive

ENIGMA crafted a bespoke experience catering specifically to this unique occasion with an invite-only cocktail hour at the contemporary art powerhouse Maddox Gallery in London.

We welcome new clients seasonally. 
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