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Intensity Driven In Style with Aston Martin DC and New Luxury Fashion Brand Villain Highlighting British Craftsmanship and Synergies Between Both Brands

Intense • Bold • Unapologetic


Aston Martin Washington DC Fashion Photoshoot


ENIGMA spearheaded the creative direction and execution of a dynamic campaign tailored for Aston Martin DC and a globally-focused fashion label. Highlighting the exquisite up-close British craftsmanship of each brand, the shoot also invited the local Aston Martin community to experience it first-hand. From conceptualization to execution, our team's creative direction fabricated the campaign to not only capture the essence of both brands but also resonate with the distinguished taste of both audiences.
A crucial element of this shoot involved capturing the unique intricacies of both brands, striking a delicate balance between the bold identities without allowing one to overshadow the other. This demanded an exceptionally high level of attention to detail, precision in positioning, and a display of utmost poise.
The luxury fashion company is headquartered in New York and launched in Paris in 2017. The campaign was published in 2023.
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Watching the visual narrative unfold, attendees had the opportunity to not only experience the unique shoot, but also the chance to interact with key figures shaping the brand's identity such as the Founder and CEO. Elevated by hors d'oeuvres and champagne, the atmosphere lent itself to the opulence of the brand collaboration.

The seamless integration of luxury, style, and interaction during the event contributed to its success. The event served not only as a showcase of creativity but also as a memorable moment that forges lasting connections and reinforces the distinct identity of each brand involved.
With an exclusive global network of talent, ENIGMA sourced a talented team to facilitate the experience. 
Head of Digital: Fahmeeta Yahiya (San Francisco, CA)
Head of Social: Skylar Muse (Orlando, FL)
Models: Payton Turpin (Houston, TX)
Retoucher: Lucinda De Bruin (London, UK)
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To show depth into the campaign and create an "inside look" at the experience, we crafted a parallel-running social strategy featuring both editorial and behind-the-scenes-style photos.
Social Media Campaign Planning-1
While at the drawing board, our creative team found inspiration at the intersection of opulent lifestyle editorials and high-performance supercar features.
VILLAIN by VON SORELLA Photoshoot with Aston Martin Dealer

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