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Fashion’s Dark Love Affair: Villain Brand Identity Crafted by ENIGMA Inspired by Film and Pop Culture and Challenging Gender Categories

Noir • Seductive • Boundary Pushing


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Villain embodies flamboyance, enigmatic seduction, and fantasy depicted by Villains in pop culture and cinema throughout history. Glamorizing the illustriousness and sophistication of complex characters, the collection is inclusive of all gender identities.
The collection is an exploration of duality – in how light cannot exist without dark, in the collision of masculinity and femininity, in the mirror image of who we are and who we can become. The collection highlights sleek, structured jackets in bold colors and textured patterns that defy gender categories. They are declarations of self, armor to face the world, or simply statements of your personal style. 

Taking her cues from pop culture’s beloved antagonists, the Creative Director (CD) designed these pieces to resonate with the seductive powers of the vampire, the grand ambitions of a mastermind in his secret lair, and the daring of a femme fatale in a gritty film noir. According to the CD, “It’s about challenging conventional notions of roles and identities to reveal the complexity in everyone and allowing them to express themselves beyond whatever they can imagine.

ENIGMA executed the brand identity, logo, editorial creative direction, and digital presence for Villain.
Villain was unveiled at an exclusive fashion show in London in July 2023.
The mother company launched in Paris in 2017 and is headquartered in New York. 
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The dark essence of the Villain collection commanded an equally striking universe around the brand’s physical presence, while preserving its detail and sophistication. ENIGMA carefully hand-selected materials, textures, and shapes that complimented the essence of the brand, and further established its rigorous standards of luxury and commitment to the highest quality materials. 
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The final and ultimate phase in building Villain’s Universe involved expanding the brand into a new dimension: one of true artistic storytelling. ENIGMA extrapolated Villain into creative assets that transcended the typical brand presence—these creations made daring statements about the brand's depth and ability to evoke emotions.
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Villain blends historical craftsmanship with modern elegance. Since the mother company’s inception six years ago, the label has been acclaimed by fashion insiders and consumers alike for its blend of storytelling, impeccable craftsmanship, lavish details, gender-fluid style, and continued commitment to socially responsible manufacturing. Designed in New York, crafted in London, and launched in Paris, the CD is also purposely inclusive of all gender identities and promotes a global focus.
Villain abides by ethical and sustainable integrity throughout the production cycle. Materials are sourced from European family-owned mills with fair trade and eco-friendly practices. And because the company takes pride in crafting in the grand traditions of British menswear tailoring, Villain only does painstaking limited-edition runs that take time and emphasize quality over unnecessary quantity with attention to low-to-zero waste.
The mother-company label was conceived by its founder and creative director in 2017 as a fashion brand rooted in couture, aligned with today’s social and environmental priorities, and with a visionary style of a brighter future. Its all-women design, operations, and production teams are dedicated to ensuring the brand’s equitable, inclusive, and sustainable goals while delivering luxury fashions meant to ignite imagination, empower, and inspire anyone to live their truth. The CD says, “Having been showcased in Paris and New York Fashion Weeks and soon debuting in London Fashion Week, we strive for a sophisticated modernity that makes our collection at home wherever you are.”
The logo design pays tribute to the original brand emblem, seamlessly incorporating a vibrant new purple hue to reinvigorate the brand and embrace the essence of Villain.
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